Jungle Island



In Miami there is a place called jungle Island.We went there an a Saturday for a girls time with my mom.You can hold lemurs,pet tigers and take pictures with macaws. It is so fun I could honestly stay there for a week.I loved seeing there one and only liger.


Lemur land!


Yummy bracelet…..





Me volunteering


Eeek…sharp talons


Freed the show parrot!


Red kangaroo petting for as long as you want





Largest tortoises in the world


One of the coolest animals ever….the gibbon


Meet Charlie the ringed tailed lemur.





Rosario is a very nice Nicaraguan lady who took care of us. She taught me to wash clothes on rocks and make corn tortillas. She taught me the things that make life hard there. On Saturdays there was a man on a motorcycle that sold bread filled with honey and sugar on top. She would take us to get some to eat for snack. One time we where hungry a and made mac and cheese she made a face but liked it.#miniru,#rosario. Rosario was mom to us. I also taught Her English. The only English words she knew were wow and ok.

Esta Es Rosario,muchas gracis Rosario…….como sai dise (Ro-sar-io)..
On the beach with her and Kathia
Teaching her English…….


Rosario’s dog


I read that most people in Nicaragua have dogs to keep the stray dogs out of their houses. Their dogs also eat the leftover food.But Rosario's dog was much more than that to us,he was our best friend.one night Rosario went to take care of other kids, of coarse she brought Miniru with her. The next morning Miniru ran a mile to come see us back at the house.Any time we went on a walk or went to play at the beach he would come with us. We had to learn Spanish dog commands in order to get him to sit or follow us.

Me and Miniru shell hunting……

Awe..sleepy head